The masseria

Masseria in Ostuni in the heart
of Puglia

Ostuni – De Michele’s farm holidays has been carefully restored by the owners in accordance with the typical architectural details of Ostuni ‘s farms.

The term ‘masseria’ means ‘farmhouse’, often fortified. It is very common in the South of Italy, especially in Apulia, in the territory of Ostuni, which is full of this kind of construction. Some time ago, the farmhouse was the expression of a geo-economic organization linked to the large landed estate The ‘masserie’ in the territory of Ostuni were then large farms, often inhabited by the owners. Besides the vast rural construction also included the farmers’ homes, stables, stores and forage crops.

Ostuni-De Michele’s Farm Holidays is in the municipal district of Ostuni, sheltered by the hills of the upland of Salento, surrounded by centuries-old olive-trees. Ostuni-De Michele’s Farm Holidays, built in the second half of the nineteenth century, was the residence of its owners during the olives harvesting. At the same time, the owners raised a big herd of sheep which produced milk useful for curdling.

The Masseria Ostuni- De Michele has got the plan of the traditional Mediterranean agricultural courtyard farmhouse, with a fence in common, and a single central space (court or yard) , where the different entrances of the building overlook. Inside the courtyard there was the stable, the rabbit hutch, the hen house, the sheepfold. Other rooms were used to store work tools or to house the farmers.
These rooms have been renovated and transformed carefully into cozy rooms, furnished simply in order to give guests the maximum comfort.

At present, the first floor of the farm is inhabited by its owners, De Michele’s family, which devotes itself , with passion and professionalism, to agricultural activities.
De Michele’s family decided to give hospitality to people , offering traditions, culture and testimony of a course shared by history and nature.
Ostuni-De Michele’s farmhouse has got a tasting room, furnished in a rustic style, in which guests, if they want, will taste the traditional specialities of the farm.

Oasis of Peace

Dedicated to all those in search
of an intimate and welcoming place
where to spend a relaxing holiday
in Puglia and enjoy the sounds and
of the smells of nature.

Flavors of Puglia

The ideal location to taste
organic extra virgin olive oil
of own production and typical products
of the territory still prepared as
once by wise hands.


The farm, with its liveliness,
his sunny style and his splendid
location is the perfect place to get to know
our culture, our history,
our traditions.

The Farm


Tradition, innovation and passion.


Since 1950 the family of Michele has always cared for the cultivation of the olive tree. Pietro De Michele has worked with the aim of combining ancient techniques of collection and technological innovation to obtain the best extra virgin olive oil from our olive trees. Our olive groves are located in the plain of monumental olive trees that stretches from the Hill to the sea, recently inserted in the National Register of Historical Rural landscapes by the MIPAAF. A unique landscape of its kind, which includes beautiful villages with white lime, historical elements of value including the Via Traiana and Francigena of the south, symbols of antiquity with valuable archaeological areas. Pietro De Michele has increased and optimized the cultivation of the olive tree in the land surrounding the Masseria.


The production counts on 15 hectares of land, most of our olive trees are ultra-secular, cultivated with compatible methods and according to the modern disciplines of integrated production.
The olives are harvested from the plant, when they are in the phase of harvesting: This allows to obtain a product of excellent fruity taste, low acidity and rich in polyphenols (antioxidant substances with therapeutic and nutritional properties).
Within a few hours of harvesting the oil is extracted with a continuous cycle method.
The obtained oil is stored in stainless steel containers to better preserve the organoleptic and nutraceutical properties.

You can taste and buy our oil
Inside the farmhouse.

Our Staff

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The Ostuni farmhouse, Masseria De Michele offers a place to restore the soul between the intense green of the centuries-old trees, the dazzling blue of our clear skies and the warm embrace of our Adriatic sea.

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